#MyVampireDiaries – Day 4

I got home from work extremely exhausted and went straight off to bed. At the stroke of midnight, I found myself strangely awake. Everything everywhere was dark. I reached for phone to check the time and is was 0:00. I stepped out of bed feeling very hungry and made my way to the kitchen. First, I tried to quench my hungry with water. I immediately spat the water into the sink. I know water is expected to be tasteless but this taste was unbearable. So I decided to try something tastier or stronger. Then I made my way to the living room and just sat there drinking to reduce my hunger as I did not feel for any of the stuff in the fridge. Amazingly, I realized I could see everything clearly and precisely (although in a more reddened vision) in the dark. I have been awake for 5 hours mentally wanting to sleep but my body is so awake this night that I have walking around in total darkness. Now I know, my nocturnality has been awakened.
Because of these bloodshot eyes, my vampire diary continues …

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