#MyVampireDiaries – The End

I have been quiet these few days because I tried to maximize the weekend by sleeping in on Saturday especially since my nocturnality was increasingly becoming tiring. I was just retiring to bed around 4:30am on Saturday when I noticed my wife get out to be but I didn’t pay her any attention because I had plans to sleep in like the original Count Dracula.
After a while, I heard my name being called and been asked to look at something. I reluctantly started opening my eyes but before I could fully comprehend what was happening I felt a massive drench and then my eyes began to burn. I felt a massive burning sensation in my eyes and heard sounds each time the drench made contact with my eyes akin to water been poured on a very hot surface.

As I rolled around in pain and agony, the drench was still continuing and I could hear some words been muttered. After a while the drench stopped and I moaned in pain for a while; blinded by this experience and absolutely fatigued. I lay there in the drench for a while.
It was after some hours that I was woken up. When I asked what happened, I was told that my mum had instructed that a cross/crucifix be put in water and prayed on; after which, salt was to be added to the mix and poured in my face targeting my eyes and this “foolishness” would stop.

Now as I sit here sadly penning down this experience, my Draculean Counthood has ended; my vampire eyes have disappeared. So much for the goat I was looking forward to feasting on. Good bye vampire eyes.

Lesson: In Africa/Ghana, such a whiteman’s foolishness (in a Nigerian dialect) can’t beat the combination of a praying mother and an obedient and an equally prayerful wife.

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